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Ladies in Jazz

Denise Jannah  & Atzko Kohashi 
Delicate yet dynamic - Heartwarming musical dialogue


“Attending a concert by  vocalist Denise Jannah (The Netherlands) and pianist Atzko Kohashi (Japan) is a special experience, each and every time. You’re watching and listening to two top musicians who are completely absorbed in their greatest passion: Music, where with them there is never any pretense whatsoever. You’re witnessing an intense and pure chemistry, in which these two acclaimed Ladies of Jazz take each other and their audience to great heights.” – Jazzdagen, Harderwijk


“The duo of Jannah and Kohashi is deeply emotional: Jannah is a vocalist who knows how to touch the hearts of her audience: she always delves deeply into the lyrics and melodies with a refined interpretation and vocal reflection. She carefully moulds the words into her own unique artistic message. Kohashi's piano playing brings the songs to life in musical communication with the vocalist. They’re subtly supporting each other.”  –Jazzenzo


“About ‘Lost & Found’, their vinyl record (do, live recording): “There is magic between the duo Kohashi and Jannah. In a captivating way this duo taps into the listener's emotions, with the recording bringing out both the beautiful, warm vocals of Denise and the tonal prowess of Atzko's piano playing.” –

Artist Profiles


Denise Jannah

vocalist, composer, lyricist, actress

Denise Jannah is presently recognized as one of the best Jazz vocalists worldwide. “This woman can make you dream, cry and fall in love,” wrote the Music Advocate (Washington,USA). Denise Jannah is a Dutch Suriname-born Jazz vocalist who was the first Dutch Jazz soloist to be signed by the Blue Note Records label in New York/USA. She is a honey-voiced contralto with impeccable and creative phrasing who is being  ranked alongside great predecessors such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn and Carmen McRae. She is multilingual and doesn’t shy away from other musical genres like Gospel, Latin, Pop- and World Music. So far Denise has released nine albums, three of them were released by Blue Note Records. She has performed in major Jazz festivals throughout the world and performed at several prestigious functions for heads of states, including special performances for Her Majesty Beatrix, (former) Queen of Holland, and  former presidents Bill Clinton, Ronald Venetiaan (Suriname) and Nelson Mandela, and on separate occasions for luminaries such as Mrs. Graça Machel-Mandela and Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Jannah lives in the Netherlands, where she has made her mark as one of the country’s top Jazz vocalists. She received several awards, among others the Edison Award, twice (the Dutch equivalent of the U.S. Grammy). Jannah is also an acclaimed composer, lyricist, actress and voice educator. She starred in various theatre plays and musicals, also international productions.

Atzko Kohashi

Atzko Kohashi, who currently resides in Amsterdam, is a Japanese born pianist with international background. From 1994-2001, Atzko lived in New York where she studied jazz piano with the master Steve Kuhn. After moving back to Tokyo in 2001, she played frequently with various local jazz musicians. Atzko has thus experienced three different cultures: Japanese, American and European. Such multicultural background has surely influenced her view on music and led to her unique musical style.

Atzko moved to Amsterdam in 2005 and since then she has been working with various Dutch musicians including Denise Janna (vocalist), Frans van der Hoeven (bassist), Tony Overwater (bassist), Sebastiaan Kaptein (drummer), Eddy Koopman (percussionist), Angelo Verploegen (trumpeter), Maya Fridman (cellist), …, and has released a series of duo and trio albums with them. Her latest album “Crescent” playing duo with bassist Tony Overwater was nominated for Der Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik (The German Record Critics’ Award) 2/2022 and also for the Edison Award 2022. She has been particularly acclaimed for the beauty of her piano tone. Hence her albums have also been highly praised by music lovers and audiophiles.




Lost & Found

by Rhapsody Analog Recordings

The things you’ve lost in the past may be found again….

Tracing memories, you’ll recall what is  precious to you through our music. We’re here to share and relive these feelings of happiness as well as loneliness together with you!

Lost & Found album image.jpg

* 100% analog
* live to 2 track
* Direct copy of the Master tape
* Highest quality Audioquest cables used to transfer directly from the original Master 
1x SM900 Tape on Metal Reels
Specs: 15IPS (38cm/sec) -EQ: IEC1 (CCIR) – 1/4inch -2 Track

1- A Time For Love           6:36  (J.Mandel,P.F.Webster)
2- Black Coffee                 6:50  (S.Bruke,P.F.Webster)
3- Answer Me My Love    5:32  (G.Winkler,F.Rauch,C.Sigman)
4- Alice In Wonderland   5:39  

5- Wan Nyun Dei              6:15  


“Lost & Found” is a vinyl record that was produced and recorded by Rhapsody, one of the leading high-end audio stores in the Netherlands. It’s a 100% pure analogue/live to 2 track recording in the series of  Rhapsody’s “Living Room Concerts” of which this one is performed by Denise Jannah and Atzko Kohashi.

Music Sampler

Photo Gallery

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Sheet Music
e3e2a4ed-5255-4c61-b23b-6dcca09c46b8 (2)


    A Time For Love     Alice in Wonderland

    All Blues      A Sleeping Bee     Angel Eyes

    And I Love Her     Answer Me My Love     Black Coffee

    Blue in Green     Boplicity     Day Break     Estate

    I‘ll be Seeing You     Lazy Afternoon     

    Pannonica (Little Butterfly)      You Must Believe in Spring   

    Some Other Time     Sometime Ago     Summertime

    The Madness of Love     Time After Time     Yesterday     

    Very Early     Wan Nyun Dei     When I Fall in Love

    When Sunny Getmany manys Blue         Turn Out of the Stars               


     and many many more…

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