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Atzko Kohashi & Eddy Koopman

"Thunder and lightning, stillness and élan, heavenly and earthly,

an adventurous journey to the rhythm of the tides.     -


Atzko Kohashi × Eddy Koopman

 pianist                                      percussionist

A dynamic duo consisting of Japanese pianist Atzko Kohashi and Dutch multi-percussionist Eddy Koopman, broadly known as a percussionist at Metropole Orchestra, their music transports listeners into a universe of sonic delight. Their album 'The Sketches of Seasons,' released on SACD and LP formats by Rhapsody Audiophile Recordings, has garnered high praise not only from critics but also from music lovers and audiophiles alike. Through the improvisational interplay of percussion and piano, they paint expansive soundscapes that ebb and flow, at times dynamically powerful and at others delicately intricate. Experience the musical cosmos created by these two artists.

Photo by Rob Becker
Sample Music

1 - Spring

2 - Summer

3 - Autumn

4 – Winter


Atzko Kohashi, piano, composer, arranger      

Eddy Koopman, percussion, composer, arranger


Recorded on 16th December, 2021at MCO studio2, Hilversum 

Recorded, mixed & Mastered by Rhapsody Audiophile Recordings

Released by Rhapsody Audiophile Recordings

Sketches of Seasons is a new take on the familiar four seasons theme by pianist Atzko Kohashi and percussionist Eddy Koopman. Improvisations driven from the moment and emotion. ......The musical realization of the seasons is magically portrayed. As if being in a beautiful dream. The palette ranges from the renewing, burgeoning of spring, the glorious of summer, the melancholy of autumn to the cozy embracing of winter.      ー Native DSD

Atzko Kohashi's touch is delicate, deliberate, carefully calibrated to the emotional content she wishes to convey. Eddy Koopman brings a similar delicacy and intention with his use of bells, brushed gongs and cymbals, and drums of all types. I can't begin to identify all of the instruments he uses to bring out the most subtle accents that emphasize, complement and contrast with Kohashi's piano—it is all a delightful interplay of sounds and timbre, superbly judged and timed. Kohashi's magical touch keeps all moving ahead, weaving the melody and enticing one to follow along.  - Rushton Paul
Making of the Sketches of Seasons

Promotional Photos

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For Booking

Please contact to

Eddy Koopman:    +31(0)6 5591 8560

Atzko Kohashi:      +31(0)6 1357 0948

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